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We are located in Carmel, Indiana serving the  Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We are family friendly and would love to take care of you and your children!
We accept most insurance and tailor the treatment to each individuals needs. 
Carmel, Indiana
We are located on the North Side of Indianapolis. To learn more, click the link below to be taken to the office website.
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Discover Natural Health Tips for Pregnancy and children
Do you want more information about how to raise your kids more naturally? Reduce the amounts of medications they take by trying some immune boosting tips? Offer the best possible chance at development starting as early as infancy? Then Check out our  Youtube channel!

Dr. Kotlow talks about Tongue Ties

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, pediatric dentist and tongue tie expert, talks about tongue ties, breastfeeding, and airway issues that babies can face. 
Have You Heard the Latest Episode of Just a Mommy Minute- Podcast?
Our podcasts are full of information about raising happy, healthy children. Some of the shows are interviews with other professionals as well as short heathy tips.
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