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My Name is Dr. Nancy Cooper, and I'm a Pediatric Chiropractor, Speaker, and Holistic Mom that partners with chiropractors around the world and helps them deliver the best clinical care for their Infant patients. 

We have products for 
pediatric chiropractic offices.

I am currently helping chiropractors to take care of infants. To find an event near you click below.

For tips on raising healthy, physically superb children, check our our podcast on soundcloud and iTunes.
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If you are pregnant, planning to be soon or have a child looking for a quality of life that comes naturally, then I would love to help you!
My Program & Products
 Mommy & Me Programs
 Office Marketing - Posters and Info
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My Pediatric/Prenatal Offices
Located in the Indianapolis area, we have two locations to serve you and your family. 

 Carmel Indiana
 Greenwood Indiana
My Podcast
This podcast is dedicated to giving you the tools you need to raise a healthy child naturally. There is a mix of guest professionals and short tips.
"It [Mommy & Me Program] has made me more comfortable and allowed me peace of mind......."
Dr.Nancy’s program, Mommy & Me, is a comprehensive tool that allows health practitioners easy access to pediatric and pre/post-natal valuable resources and clinical pearls that she has acquired over 30 years of practice. 

It has made me more comfortable treating my pediatric population as well as pregnant mothers and allowed me peace of mind knowing that I have all this material at the tip of my fingers
- Dr. Rosemary Batanski
Are you a Chiropractor interested in helping more babies? Get more information below.
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Email: drnancy@kids-chiropractor.com
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