These workshops on hands on instruction of myofascial unwinding. This is geared toward helping Pregnant Moms and infants.
Boston's Harvard Club
I will be speaking in June 2020 to the attendees of the Harvard Club, where I will share the stage with Dr. Oz

Lectures and Workshops for Chiropractors
  • Lip and Tongue Tie: Examination, treatment and home care
  • Infant Consultation/Exam/Common Conditions: This lecture is for the practicing chiropractor that would like to see more infants
  • Myofascial Unwinding: This hands on workshop teaches a soft tissue technique that can be used with pregnant moms, infants and children.
Lectures for Businesses or Corporations
  • Boosting your Child's Immune System: This lecture will give parents tips on how to have healthier children
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Being Healthy means less sick days. This lecture offers tips on movement, and eating for good health.
  • Weight Loss: I recently lost 40 pounds, I will share how I did it and tips for your employees to do the same.

To Request Dr. Cooper to Speak at your event, contact her at:

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